Monday, January 3, 2011

What is involved in a diaper drive? A quick Q&A

How can I help the Piedmont Diaper Bank?
Diaper Drives are our biggest source of diaper donations and we need volunteers to organize diaper drives at their school, church or work.

Umm, organize a diaper drive?  It sounds involved and complicated...
Actually, organizing a diaper drive is fairly simple.
  1. First, get permission from the school, church or business.
  2. Work with your organization to set the dates for the drive.  The dates can be for a week or a month, or any other time frame that will work best for your organization.
  3. Promote the Diaper Drive with posters, flyers, letters, emails, newsletter or bulletin announcements - whatever communication works best for your organization.  This part isn't so hard because we can help!  We have some flyers you can modify with the dates and location of the diaper drive.  We also have sample letters and announcements that you can use.
  4. Collect diapers.  We'll provide a collection box for you and at the end of the drive, we'll come by and get the diapers.  Easy!
Okay, maybe I could do that.  How do I get started?
Contact us by filling out the form with your name and email address or phone number and tell us that you want to help organize a diaper drive.  We'll email you and help you get started.

I own/manage my own business.  Is there a way my business can partner with The Piedmont Diaper Bank?
Yes, we are always looking for creative ways to encourage our local community to get involved.  Contact us and we'll work together on a plan.

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