Thursday, April 26, 2012

Supporting Tiny Tushes and Green Bums!

Earth Day was Sunday.  Hopefully with all the hype for the holiday, you've gotten some great ideas about how you can ensure that we are passing along a safe and beautiful world to all the "tiny tushes" among us.  (If you don't feel "green" enough yet, check out the Earth Day Fair at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds this Saturday)

In honor of Earth Day, Piedmont Diaper Bank is proud to launch our new program for cloth diapers!  Most of our agencies report that cloth diapers are not a viable option because of limitations from daycare centers and access to laundry facilities.  However, these are not obstacles for every family.  For families that would like a sustainable, economical and ecological solution to the on-going expense of disposable diapers, we are happy to provide cloth diaper kits that include a full supply of cloth diapers, several diaper covers, a wet bag for storage of soiled diapers, some laundry detergent and instructions for washing and taking care of the diapers.

The cloth diaper program is sponsored by Hip Bottoms Cloth Diapers.  We are so grateful for our partnership with Hip Bottoms, providing much needed expertise and follow-up for the families that are learning how to use and wash cloth diapers appropriately.

You can support this program too!  Donate at our special fundraising page Green Bums for the Piedmont Diaper Bank and your donation will directly go to our cloth diaper program.

Are you a fellow "cloth diapering parent" and want to help?  There are several ways you can help:
  • Volunteer to provide phone and/or email support to new parents trying to figure out the ins and outs of cloth diapering.
  • Is your child(ren) potty trained yet?  Rejoice!!! And celebrate by donating the used-but-good-condition diapers and diaper covers to Piedmont Diaper Bank.  Contact us for information about where to drop off your donation.  If you do not live locally, you can mail your donation.  Contact us for more information -
  • Volunteer to serve on our Cloth Diaper Committee and help assemble kits and distribute them.
  • Donate financially at Green Bums for the Piedmont Diaper Bank
Cloth Diaper Kits will be distributed through our partner agencies.  If you have questions about eligibility, contact us at

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